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Plated with Purpose Start Kit for $100 9 meal package which includes glass containers with snap locking lids, a reusable insulated tote bag and ice packs. It is recommended to enjoy your meals Monday through Friday.

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Glass Container Policy

We Use Glass Containers

Plated With Purpose uses glass containers for several reasons. Glass does not contain the harmful chemicals found in plastics and disposables that can get into your food. It is also easy to reheat meals in glass containers using an oven instead of using a microwave, giving our clients the option to use the heating method they prefer. Lastly, it is better for the environment because glass containers can be recycled instead of ending up at the landfill after a single use. In order for us to deliver you your meals each week, you'll need to purchase the Plated with Purpose starter kit first to get you started. The kit is a one time fee which includes glassware with snap locking lids, a reusable tote bag and ice sheets. By checking the button below you are indicating that you have already purchased your Plated with Purchase starter kit.